Trapped In This Life Without A Plan

James. 20. Courtney. Soon to be dad. All music is cool. Skateboarding. Bros. Lame shit like that.


The Eleventh Hour’s tour mates, Random Holiday, threw down pretty hard and got a few laughs from clever dick jokes these past two shows in Bama. With pop punk and good vibes, they wooed the crowds through and through. 

I honestly think that these were the nicest and talented dudes that have come through thus far.

Booked both of these bands again this year! Random Holiday June 24th in Decatur. The Eleventh Hour July 16th in Arab. Come out!


The Ghost Inside

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Best fucking band to see live

Kublai Khan NEVER disappoints. So fucking good.

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Added to that last post; My son is now over a month old, healthy and weighs 2 pounds and 13 ounces!

My son was born March 17, 2013. He was born at 24 weeks, his due date wasn’t until July 1st. My son is alive and well, although he’s in the hospital he’s in a good place. I can’t wait for him to come home, I love you Isaiah Wyatt Robinson. You’re the best buddy. 

Day 1 - 1lb 10 oz


Acacia Strain Haunting. 


You left me out
And I’m still empty now
But what you wanted from me
I couldn’t give

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Focused x Minds


- Incoming Records -

The Effort - Iconoclasm - White and Black Swirl /200 - 2nd Press - Seasick Records

Focused X Minds - Straight Edge Overload - Green /100 - 1st Press - Dog Years Records

Right after I posted the last photo set with the incoming records I ended up buying Iconoclasm and Preordering Straight Edge Overload on vinyl! Hooray!


Focused X Minds


Focused X Minds


see you there. 


see you there.